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So Much Has Happened

Oh my gosh since last time I wrote I haven’t had a second to type anything out. I have officially moved into the new house we bought. And right after we moved literally two days my parents came up to visit. They were here to help unpack and spoiled us. They bought us furniture for the living room and outside deck and a barbecue. We had a great Fourth of July barbecuing steaks and hanging out as a family. It was a good week to have them here but I still hadn’t felt like I did anything to my house yet besides unpacking the essentials. We also got Adalynn a pool and she loved it! I swear she would be in it all day if we didn’t take her out of it.

That next week we were off to Vermont. My husband’s family owns a camp on the lake and we visit every year in July. It’s a great week with his parents, brother and sister-in-law and their kids too. And grandma came up mid week to visit. It was beautiful every day we were there I think it rained one day out of the seven.

We swam every day even all the kids got in the water. We went to the beach on the north end of the lake and they all played in the sand. This part of the lake is so weird you walk in and it gets deeper, then shallower then deeper again. It gets to your thighs then to your ankles then back up again. 🤷‍♀️ I think eventually it gets deeper, I only went so far but it was pretty entertaining to walk into.

Adalynn slept in a pack and play most the time we were there so we were able to just put her down for a nap so she was secure and we could go play in the water. Me and Tyler went out on a canoe which was amazing I’ve never done that before. Tylers brother told me it was a tippy boat, so I had no doubt I would tip over but we stayed in it we didn’t flip over once! Much to my surprise and anyone else’s as I tip out of a kayak everyone I get in ha ha ha. It was a lot of fun, it was cool having someone else with you paddling (vs a kayak). I also went out on a paddleboard I didn’t stand up on it but I sat on it and paddled up the lake a little bit and back. My brother-in-law got all three kids who are 5, 3 and 1 1/2 on the paddleboard with him and took them out in a couple circles it was really cute. All the kids had a lot of fun playing together I was glad they all got along.

Both plane rides were pretty easy, the first one was a redeye so Adalynn slept the whole way. The second one was in the middle of the day so she stayed awake and was all over the place but she had her own seat so it wasn’t so bad. I think we will try and get a redeye flight both ways next time. It is just easier if she sleeps the whole way.

But now we’re back home and I think I can officially get into unpacking more than just the essentials. I got a ton of laundry to do and put away, but it’s nice to be home.


Hormones, Moving, and New House Tour

All right so went to my doctor talk to her about having more kids. She was very supportive she did not want to say yes I should or no I shouldn’t. But after discussion I told her we had already started looking into adoption she said it that would be a good option for me but she will support whatever decision I choose. (I would have a high risk pregnancy due to having HELPP with my first pregnancy) What a wonderful doctor I love her. We have chose to move forward with adoption, yay. But I still had to be put on hormones because I have Endometrial Hyperplasia without Atypia, Complex (Basically, a thickening if the uterine lining due to not having periods). So I got put on progesterone no big deal I’ve done this before. But it is a big deal I have discovered more emotion than I ever knew existed in my body this past week. You’re on this for 10 days the first four days were easy peezy. Oh my gosh that fifth day I got mad, I broke down, I was upset, I was annoyed, I cried. I have a little chart where I log all my emotions, and there is every emotion emoji that you could find on my chart. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband and great friends for a support system. I was able to talk it out, laugh about it and move on. Thankfully when Adalynn is around the emotions do not seem to kick in, she brightens up my day. I don’t have to worry about what I’m thinking or how are I’m feeling. We play around, read, watch movies, I have maybe been a little bit short tempered with her but nothing too dramatic so that is good. Here my little chart to see how it’s been going.

And….to the exciting stuff. We have been approved for a new house!! We got the keys and the moving has begun! I moved two carloads of boxes yesterday which was every box that I packed in this apartment. And it doesn’t even look different, this apartment still looks lived in. So apparently I have a ton more packing to d, I was not on as on top of it as I thought I was but we have a new house. I’m very excited to start this journey of home ownership. I’ve got a few plans for updates but nothing too major. The house itself is in very good condition there’s very few things that we have to fix or repair. Moving is exhausting my body hurts, I’m too old to be moving all the boxes, but I will be very happy when it’s all done. I am super excited to have a yard for my little one to run around in. I know I’ve said that before but it’s probably the most exciting thing about having a house, to me at least. And here’s a little video to show you our new place. I’ll have more updates to show things that I plan to change and make more our style.


Cloth Napkins, Baseball, and Tired Kiddo

I love these new cloth napkins I made yesterday. I really like the patterns, but I love that they are double sided. It creates a really good quality napkin. Now I made these for someone special to me who is celebrating a birthday this month. But I can make more sets just like them or customize a set that best fits your style.

After making napkins we went out to a baseball game with an awesome friend who got us the tickets. It was a fairly good game the team we were rooting for lost, but Adalynn had the best time. I had my reservations about bringing her with us but there was a little girl in front of us that was her same age and they just got the biggest kick out of each other. There was also older kids that played around with her and she giggled so much and had so much fun. At the end of the game there were fireworks which were really cool, but they were really close and super loud and Adalynn did not like that. It was OK something for her to get used to. It allowed us to leave a little bit early and beat the crowd getting home. We all had a lot of fun, we always enjoy going to baseball games and we are really happy Adalynn enjoyed. And thank you to our amazing friend who got us tickets. This was Adalynn dancing to YMCA 😆

We ended up not getting home until pretty late last night and of course Adalynn stayed up the entire time. So she’s been a sleepy baby all day. It makes for a combination of cuddling mommy, which is the part I love, and whining about nothing, the part I do not love as much. There have also been a lot of no’s, she’s told me no I don’t even know how many times today. Sometimes it makes me laugh other times I have to tell you that you can’t talk to me like that. The day goes on though and it was a pretty good day for both of us we of course got more packing done and just lazed around together, who could ask for more.


Shambles and Perfection

My house is in shambles but my life is perfect. The shambles are boxes stacked everywhere! In the living room, in the dining room, and in the bedrooms. But on the other side of that I get to pack up my apartment to move into our very first house! As I’ve said before we’ve moved multiple times since me and Tyler been together. It has been five times in six years, which after looking back it is crazy, at the time it was a little adventurous to be onto the next place. Now I’m very excited though to have a house of our own to be able to make it our own and able to change things that we want to change. The best part will be having a stable place for our daughter. A girls dreams can come true.

As always I’m apologizing for not writing because I’ve been busy. Busy making sales, busy making new products, busy completing orders busy packing up the house, busy being a mom. All good busy things unfortunately that puts this blog to the wayside which I know it shouldn’t and I’m working harder to keep on track. I do want to share with my recent selling products. I have been making bibs. And it’s funny because these Bibs are not my style but people love them and I love them now that I’ve made quite a few. They are very functional I like how they work. The bibs are a Pull Over style and they are super cute, I picked out some really cute fabrics to work with it. And I’m glad to be able to do it obviously, I’m happy every day that I can make something for someone else it’s me being able to share my art. And I want to share that with you here’s my bibs I’ve been creating there’s a mix-and-match said there’s also an individual sets where you can pick what you would like and maybe I can bring some cute clean ups your way.

So even though my house is in shambles I’m still able to create and enjoy the happiness with my daughter and the love with my husband. I’m so thankful to have the life that I always dreamed of. And I am very excited to look forward to this next chapter in our lives.


Dreamcatcher, Cloth Napkins and Discount Etsy Shop

Before I left for vacation this week I made a few crafts for my Etsy shop Adalynncrafts. Let’s start with the Dreamcatcher, I love this. It is a large green dreamcatcher made from hand spun yarn. I make each by hand, crocheting an original pattern. With crochet leaves to match hanging from it. For more details check out my listing.

Next I made some cloth napkins. These are great for every day use or if they match your special occasion theme. They are made from 100% cotton material. Each color has its own designs and patterns. These can be ordered in mix and match sets or in sets of all the same pattern. If you would like to see more detail check out my Etsy listing.

Because my shop was closed while I was off celebrating my 30th birthday I wanted to share a discount with everyone. Everything in my shop is now 30% off!!


Lovey Security Blanket

This week I made more Lovey Blankets. These are quick projects that come out so cute, like this crochet dragon lovey.

I start with a magic circle, because I am a wizard, 🧙‍♂️ 😊 but it makes the project more seamless. I continue to make a large granny square.

After this is about an inch or two shorter than I want the final project I add in another color. For the pink one I add in one square of black and one square of white.

To finish I single crochet around with the original color and add some decorative half circles. This makes it less flat but a lot more fun to look at.

Now to add the fun part, the mouse head 😁 I make a circular head and attach ears. On the bottom of the ears I attach mini bows that add an extra cuteness. Now the Minnie Mouse Lovey is complete.

What is one of your favorite baby projects? What brings you inspiration? I hope you have a creative day.


Making Unpaper Towels

If you have never heard of an unpaper towel, it is a reusable towel that you can use just like a paper towels but with no waste!! ♻️ It is usually made with terry cloth and fleece or flannel. And made to fit paper towel holders to replace paper products. These are a great zero waste alternative to paper towels. Not to mention the money you save. 💰

Alright let’s get into it. First step is getting your fabric. I purchase 2 yards of each fabric (terry cloth and fleece). You can used recycled items like old towels and old flannel pajamas but as I make to sell, I buy new fabric. 🤩 2 yards is enough to make ten, 12×11 inch unpaper towels. Here I have two projects cut out because I like make things easy and get the most done at one time.

Now we need to cut the fabric into squares. I give myself a quarter of an inch for sewing edging (a little more in the edges). I measure and cut ten 12.5 inch squares out of the terry cloth and the fleece fabric. Once all is cut I start the pinning. In sewing there is never too much pinning. 📍📍📍📍📍 Pin the right side of the fleece to the right side of the terry cloth. I pin all the squares then get into the sewing. This helps the process go along more efficiently rather then pinning one square at a time.

Let’s begin sewing! Sew around the edge of the fabrics leaving yourself 1-2 inch gap unsewn to turn the fabric right side out. This is best to start in the middle of a side versus in a corner.

Also fun tip with the corners, if you trim them like shown and use a pen or stick to poke the corners out they are more defined.

After all the squares are sewn, turn right side out and pin where you left the hole. Sew 1/4 inch seam around the square. And you will sew a diagonal line from one corner to the other to help the towel keep its shape over time.

Our last step is adding the snaps. For this I use snap pliers, piercing tool, and plastic snaps. First you are going to create holes in the fabric for the snaps to fit in to.

After you pierce your fabric you can insert the snaps and use the pliers to secure the snap. I put 4 snaps on each towel so all the towels can be snapped together. You just need to remember to have the opposite snaps on each side so they can snap together.

Now the towels can be rolled and placed on a paper towel holder or they can stand on their own.

These are machine washable, I recommend having them all unsnapped while washing to prevent tangling.

You can also skip the last step (no snaps) and keep the towels folded in a drawer or a basket on the counter. They are great to use in a variety of ways around your house.

What eco friendly or reusable project have you created? What other paper products have you been able to replace in your house? Thanks for joining me and have a CreativeDay.