Lovey Security Blanket

This week I made more Lovey Blankets. These are quick projects that come out so cute, like this crochet dragon lovey.

I start with a magic circle, because I am a wizard, πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ 😊 but it makes the project more seamless. I continue to make a large granny square.

After this is about an inch or two shorter than I want the final project I add in another color. For the pink one I add in one square of black and one square of white.

To finish I single crochet around with the original color and add some decorative half circles. This makes it less flat but a lot more fun to look at.

Now to add the fun part, the mouse head 😁 I make a circular head and attach ears. On the bottom of the ears I attach mini bows that add an extra cuteness. Now the Minnie Mouse Lovey is complete.

What is one of your favorite baby projects? What brings you inspiration? I hope you have a creative day.

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