Cloth Napkins, Baseball, and Tired Kiddo

I love these new cloth napkins I made yesterday. I really like the patterns, but I love that they are double sided. It creates a really good quality napkin. Now I made these for someone special to me who is celebrating a birthday this month. But I can make more sets just like them or customize a set that best fits your style.

After making napkins we went out to a baseball game with an awesome friend who got us the tickets. It was a fairly good game the team we were rooting for lost, but Adalynn had the best time. I had my reservations about bringing her with us but there was a little girl in front of us that was her same age and they just got the biggest kick out of each other. There was also older kids that played around with her and she giggled so much and had so much fun. At the end of the game there were fireworks which were really cool, but they were really close and super loud and Adalynn did not like that. It was OK something for her to get used to. It allowed us to leave a little bit early and beat the crowd getting home. We all had a lot of fun, we always enjoy going to baseball games and we are really happy Adalynn enjoyed. And thank you to our amazing friend who got us tickets. This was Adalynn dancing to YMCA 😆

We ended up not getting home until pretty late last night and of course Adalynn stayed up the entire time. So she’s been a sleepy baby all day. It makes for a combination of cuddling mommy, which is the part I love, and whining about nothing, the part I do not love as much. There have also been a lot of no’s, she’s told me no I don’t even know how many times today. Sometimes it makes me laugh other times I have to tell you that you can’t talk to me like that. The day goes on though and it was a pretty good day for both of us we of course got more packing done and just lazed around together, who could ask for more.

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