Hormones, Moving, and New House Tour

All right so went to my doctor talk to her about having more kids. She was very supportive she did not want to say yes I should or no I shouldn’t. But after discussion I told her we had already started looking into adoption she said it that would be a good option for me but she will support whatever decision I choose. (I would have a high risk pregnancy due to having HELPP with my first pregnancy) What a wonderful doctor I love her. We have chose to move forward with adoption, yay. But I still had to be put on hormones because I have Endometrial Hyperplasia without Atypia, Complex (Basically, a thickening if the uterine lining due to not having periods). So I got put on progesterone no big deal I’ve done this before. But it is a big deal I have discovered more emotion than I ever knew existed in my body this past week. You’re on this for 10 days the first four days were easy peezy. Oh my gosh that fifth day I got mad, I broke down, I was upset, I was annoyed, I cried. I have a little chart where I log all my emotions, and there is every emotion emoji that you could find on my chart. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband and great friends for a support system. I was able to talk it out, laugh about it and move on. Thankfully when Adalynn is around the emotions do not seem to kick in, she brightens up my day. I don’t have to worry about what I’m thinking or how are I’m feeling. We play around, read, watch movies, I have maybe been a little bit short tempered with her but nothing too dramatic so that is good. Here my little chart to see how it’s been going.

And….to the exciting stuff. We have been approved for a new house!! We got the keys and the moving has begun! I moved two carloads of boxes yesterday which was every box that I packed in this apartment. And it doesn’t even look different, this apartment still looks lived in. So apparently I have a ton more packing to d, I was not on as on top of it as I thought I was but we have a new house. I’m very excited to start this journey of home ownership. I’ve got a few plans for updates but nothing too major. The house itself is in very good condition there’s very few things that we have to fix or repair. Moving is exhausting my body hurts, I’m too old to be moving all the boxes, but I will be very happy when it’s all done. I am super excited to have a yard for my little one to run around in. I know I’ve said that before but it’s probably the most exciting thing about having a house, to me at least. And here’s a little video to show you our new place. I’ll have more updates to show things that I plan to change and make more our style.

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