Shambles and Perfection

My house is in shambles but my life is perfect. The shambles are boxes stacked everywhere! In the living room, in the dining room, and in the bedrooms. But on the other side of that I get to pack up my apartment to move into our very first house! As I’ve said before we’ve moved multiple times since me and Tyler been together. It has been five times in six years, which after looking back it is crazy, at the time it was a little adventurous to be onto the next place. Now I’m very excited though to have a house of our own to be able to make it our own and able to change things that we want to change. The best part will be having a stable place for our daughter. A girls dreams can come true.

As always I’m apologizing for not writing because I’ve been busy. Busy making sales, busy making new products, busy completing orders busy packing up the house, busy being a mom. All good busy things unfortunately that puts this blog to the wayside which I know it shouldn’t and I’m working harder to keep on track. I do want to share with my recent selling products. I have been making bibs. And it’s funny because these Bibs are not my style but people love them and I love them now that I’ve made quite a few. They are very functional I like how they work. The bibs are a Pull Over style and they are super cute, I picked out some really cute fabrics to work with it. And I’m glad to be able to do it obviously, I’m happy every day that I can make something for someone else it’s me being able to share my art. And I want to share that with you here’s my bibs I’ve been creating there’s a mix-and-match said there’s also an individual sets where you can pick what you would like and maybe I can bring some cute clean ups your way.

So even though my house is in shambles I’m still able to create and enjoy the happiness with my daughter and the love with my husband. I’m so thankful to have the life that I always dreamed of. And I am very excited to look forward to this next chapter in our lives.


Dreamcatcher, Cloth Napkins and Discount Etsy Shop

Before I left for vacation this week I made a few crafts for my Etsy shop Adalynncrafts. Let’s start with the Dreamcatcher, I love this. It is a large green dreamcatcher made from hand spun yarn. I make each by hand, crocheting an original pattern. With crochet leaves to match hanging from it. For more details check out my listing.

Next I made some cloth napkins. These are great for every day use or if they match your special occasion theme. They are made from 100% cotton material. Each color has its own designs and patterns. These can be ordered in mix and match sets or in sets of all the same pattern. If you would like to see more detail check out my Etsy listing.

Because my shop was closed while I was off celebrating my 30th birthday I wanted to share a discount with everyone. Everything in my shop is now 30% off!!

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My Quickest Crochet Project

I love doing small projects in between the big ones. Today I want to share my quickest project I do. A Stretchy Baby Headband. I can do these in any size really, but they are more popular for the little ones. I make it with a bow, or with a flower.

Supplies I use;

  • Yarn
  • Crochet Needle (I use G [4mm])
  • Rubber Bands
  • Measuring Tape

To start I decide how big I want my headband then measure out the rubber bands. For this let’s make a Newborn, which is 11-12 inches. Lay out and measure the rubber bands. These are stretchy so they do not have to be perfect.

Next step, is to start crocheting. I use a single stitch, and stitch half of the rubber band (3 single crochets). And continue 3 single crochet on each rubber band to the end of the row.

Once I get to the end of my row, I single crochet down the other side of the rubber bands, and then attach with a slip stitch.

We have completed a simple headband!! Woot woot!! But now to make it even more adorable, we add a bow. I switch to a smaller needle (E), to make a small enough bow to properly fit. For the bow I make a magic circle and chain 3. Then 2 double crochets in the circle, and chain 6. Two double crochets in opposite side of the circle and chain 3, then slip stitch. Pull magic circle tight, wrap some yarn around the center and the bow is complete. 🎀

Lastly we need to attach the bow. I tie into the rubber band where we ended in the headband and weave in the loose ends. Tying the bow on, ensures it will last longer with those little hands grabbing at it. 😊 The easiest way to weave in the loose ends is with an embroidery needle.

We have completed a beautiful little stretchy headband. 👏 I ended up making mine bigger to fit my toddler since she woke up while I was making this one. And now you can see it in action.

What are your quickest projects? Do you prefer bigger or smaller? Let me know what you think of my quickest project. Hope you have a creative day 🌞