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So Much Has Happened

Oh my gosh since last time I wrote I haven’t had a second to type anything out. I have officially moved into the new house we bought. And right after we moved literally two days my parents came up to visit. They were here to help unpack and spoiled us. They bought us furniture for the living room and outside deck and a barbecue. We had a great Fourth of July barbecuing steaks and hanging out as a family. It was a good week to have them here but I still hadn’t felt like I did anything to my house yet besides unpacking the essentials. We also got Adalynn a pool and she loved it! I swear she would be in it all day if we didn’t take her out of it.

That next week we were off to Vermont. My husband’s family owns a camp on the lake and we visit every year in July. It’s a great week with his parents, brother and sister-in-law and their kids too. And grandma came up mid week to visit. It was beautiful every day we were there I think it rained one day out of the seven.

We swam every day even all the kids got in the water. We went to the beach on the north end of the lake and they all played in the sand. This part of the lake is so weird you walk in and it gets deeper, then shallower then deeper again. It gets to your thighs then to your ankles then back up again. 🤷‍♀️ I think eventually it gets deeper, I only went so far but it was pretty entertaining to walk into.

Adalynn slept in a pack and play most the time we were there so we were able to just put her down for a nap so she was secure and we could go play in the water. Me and Tyler went out on a canoe which was amazing I’ve never done that before. Tylers brother told me it was a tippy boat, so I had no doubt I would tip over but we stayed in it we didn’t flip over once! Much to my surprise and anyone else’s as I tip out of a kayak everyone I get in ha ha ha. It was a lot of fun, it was cool having someone else with you paddling (vs a kayak). I also went out on a paddleboard I didn’t stand up on it but I sat on it and paddled up the lake a little bit and back. My brother-in-law got all three kids who are 5, 3 and 1 1/2 on the paddleboard with him and took them out in a couple circles it was really cute. All the kids had a lot of fun playing together I was glad they all got along.

Both plane rides were pretty easy, the first one was a redeye so Adalynn slept the whole way. The second one was in the middle of the day so she stayed awake and was all over the place but she had her own seat so it wasn’t so bad. I think we will try and get a redeye flight both ways next time. It is just easier if she sleeps the whole way.

But now we’re back home and I think I can officially get into unpacking more than just the essentials. I got a ton of laundry to do and put away, but it’s nice to be home.

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